Monday Bullets

  • Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference has numbers showing that a few years ago, Gilbert Arenas was an MVP candidate, and the most efficient high-usage player in the NBA. Now? "If Arenas was still the Gilbert of old, this would have been just the kickstart Orlando's offense needed, but unfortunately he has given few indications that he's still capable of that kind of impact. Arenas needs the ball in his hands to facilitate himself and others, and was actually leading the Wizards in possession usage (26.2%) despite professing to be Wall's sidekick. When he's in the game for the Magic, he will almost certainly be their #1 usage man on the perimeter. Trouble is, Arenas has produced just 1.02 pts/possession since 2008, and is sitting at 0.98 so far this season (compare to Carter's 1.11 and the league average of 1.07). Unless Gilbert can somehow channel his 2006/07 self again in a new environment, Orlando will be allocating a quarter of their possessions to a player who's instantly their least-efficient option, plus damaging their defense at the other end."

  • Why the Lakers don't play in skirts, in video. In The New York Times, Dorothy Spears writes about the star of that video, artist Mark Bradford: "In the mid-1970s Mr. Bradford, then a teenager, shocked everyone -- including himself -- by growing 10 inches in a single summer. Strangers on the streets here in his hometown kept badgering him with unsolicited suggestions. 'They would say, ‘If I were your height, I would be a basketball player and make a million dollars,’' Mr. Bradford said in an interview in September at his studio. Instead he became an apprentice in his mother’s beauty shop. 'It was my first defiant act,' he said."

  • Yi Jianlian feels for Yao Ming.

  • There's a lot of stress associated with being in the public eye. No that's not about the NBA, but it kind of is ...

  • Ron Artest to SLAM on counseling: "I didn’t want to do it at first because it was so time consuming. After, I realized how much it helped me. Originally, it was an anger management thing. Then I went from anger management to parent counseling. That changed my whole way of thinking. I always wanted to be a better parent and I felt like a better parent and it kind of worked out for me because it taught me things about parenting that I hadn’t ever thought about. Then I also took marriage counseling. I was seeing two different psychologists (for the three classes) and I was like wow, this was great, and I stayed with it."

  • Hell no you don't have to take that ice bag off your ankle before checking into the game.

  • Nate Robinson bites the dust as people glare M.J.-style.

  • If only every possession could be like this one for Leandro Barbosa.

  • Co-sign this point from Michael McCann of Sports Law Blog: "If I'm an NFLPA agent, I think I'd be less inclined to direct one of my clients to play for Tom Coughlin after he berated his punter, Matt Dodge -- who admittedly made a terrible mistake by not kicking the ball out of bounds -- at mid-field following yesterday's Giants historic collapse at the hands of DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick and the Eagles. Obviously, Dodge made a mistake, but there were many mistakes by other Giants players and Giants coaches that contributed to yesterday's loss (for instance, why did no one tackle Jackson?). I think coaches should try to avoid further embarrassing players who are already very embarrassed -- the game was over and everything Coughlin said to Dodge could have been said in the locker room. Lecturing an NFL player like he's 12-years old, in front of tens of thousands of people, just makes a coach look bad." Coughlin also sold his punter down the river talking to the press post-game. Classy coaching is valuable.

  • Andre Miller says his professional goals are to never miss another game, and to never do anything that would be embarrassing to his son.

  • How to get some elbow room at your locker: Tell the media you have the flu.

  • One of the more controversial trades in NBA history -- Adrian Dantley for Mark Aguirre, on a Detroit team destined for a title -- revisted.

  • Kobe Bryant shuffled his feet a little.

  • Tiago Splitter has a chance to be a difference-making big man for a title-contending Spurs team in need of that very thing. So why is he averaging less than a dozen minutes a game?

  • Al Horford is in the same league with Dwight Howard.

  • John Kuester draws up a pretty play to get Ben Gordon a clean look at a game-tying 3.

  • When Larry Bird asks you to stop blogging.