Stephen A. Smith Has a Fan

And Dave Zirin is not only willing to admit it, he's even writing about it in The Nation.

That hyper-caffeinated, volume-eleven foghorn of Stephen A. always has me peering up for an incoming grenade. It is like listening to Chris Rock, without the jokes. Maybe that voice is all too fitting for a sports world blown totally out of proportion. Maybe the "Screamin' A." way is the future and young announcers will start dropping steroid-soaked throat lozenges. Maybe I'll now Van Gogh my ears.

So imagine my shock after seeing Stephen A. on a recent CNN Live Event Special debating the future of the Middle East, oil consumption, the war in Iraq, energy alternatives and other issues. The shock was not that Stephen A. could hold his own. It's that his voice of perpetual disgust and alarm seemed oddly appropriate and satisfying when discussing US foreign policy.

Read on for highlights of Stephen A. talking foreign policy on CNN. The complete transcript of his appearance is online. Zirin proposes to trade Smith from the sports world to the political in exchange for Rush Limbaugh.