Clippers respond to Baylor allegations

Clippers general counsel Robert H. Platt on Friday issued a response to declarations made by former Clipper general managers Elgin Baylor and Mike Dunleavy that were contained in court filings for Baylor's wrongful termination suit against the team.

The declarations, which were obtained by ESPN.com Thursday, included allegations that Clipper upper management repeatedly suggested Baylor was too old to continue working for the team and tried to exclude him from major decisions involving team personnel. Baylor also said team owner Donald Sterling would bring women into the locker room while players were going to and from the showers after games.

"Our general policy is to not publicly discuss pending litigation," Platt said in the statement. "We do, however, reserve the right to respond when we are confronted by such absurd and unfounded allegations.

"These baseless allegations are contradicted by our opponents' own sworn testimony. They are solely designed to distract the media and the public from the facts of the case. This action has always been based on their tasteless use of shock rhetoric.”

The declarations by Baylor and Dunleavy were in response to the Clippers’ motions for summary judgment. The Clippers have asked the court to dismiss Baylor’s suit in which he claims his 22-year tenure as a Clipper executive was terminated on the basis of age and race. A hearing will be held Jan. 20.