Turns Out TrueHoop Was All Over that Eva Longoria Story

I just read on Dan Shanoff's post-ESPN blog that the rumor is Eva Longoria left Tony Parker for Mario Lopez, also known to adoring TV fans as "Slater."

Back in July, we linked a little item on Erin Podolsky's blog about Lopez and Longoria, spotted by Erin's friend Brian, who told it this way:

Brian: tried to get into the new club at the Wynn on sat night waited 2 hours, werent letting us in. We held out hope that we could still get in unti... Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez walked by Mario, ON Eva…

UPDATE: Or, um, maybe they're not broken up at all. And maybe Eva Longoria's flying to France to be with Tony Parker. Can't wait until we get a real story with a real source. Both of those links have a lot of "Ryan Seacrest" in them.