Stephen Jackson Hit by Car, Fires "Warning Shots" in Club Altercation

The Associated Press reports Pacer Stephen Jackson got into some kind of altercation with patrons while hanging out at a strip club (with his teammates Marquis Daniels, Jamaal Tinsley, and Jimmie "Snap" Hunter). Jackson, Daniels, and Tinsley all had guns in their cars, and they all had permits for those guns.

Jackson, 28, told officers he fired his 9 mm pistol four or five times in the air in self-defense after he was punched and hit by a car outside the club, said Sgt. Matthew Mount, spokesman for the Indianapolis Police Department.

Jackson went up onto the hood of the car, Mount said.

There were no reports of anyone being struck by the gunfire, and police did not make any immediate arrests. Police are looking for the car that hit Jackson and others involved.

An argument involving patrons, Jackson and other members of the Pacers began inside the club, Mount said. The players said they left the club, but patrons followed them outside.

"At some point when leaving the club, a verbal altercation ensued that turned into a physical altercation," Mount said.

Jackson was limping but refused medical treatment at the scene, Mount said. He conferred with a Pacers trainer and sought medical treatment at a hospital.

It occurs to me this is bad for the whole Pacers organization--trying to rehabilitate a positive image after the Auburn Hills fracas (during which Jackson, it must be said, behaved like a total moron). But this has to be especially bad for Hunter, who can afford for nothing to go wrong in his attempt to stick with an NBA team. He's the guy who really should have been watching pay-per-view back at the hotel.

UPDATE: This version of the story has more detail, including the fact that the police found marijuana in Tinsley's car--although they had no way of figuring out whose it was, thus no charges.

By the way, something that occurs to me now--I fear that in the eyes of a lot of NBA players, the lesson of this story isn't to stay out of altercations with idiots in strip clubs. There must be those who will take from this that packing heat saved Stephen Jackson's life, and totally diffused the situation. I disagree.