Training Camp is Tedious

Of all the NBA events out there, I have always assumed that being a fly on a wall at training camp would be incredibly fun and insightful. Strategy, sweat, grudges, roster spot competition, and behind-closed-doors stuff...

Phil Jackson's buddy, and former coach, Charley Rosen has presumably seen his fair share of training camps. He ought to know. Lucky for us, Rosen wrote 1,500-plus words on what happens at your typical NBA training camp. The only thing is, I swear it could hardly be more mundane. Sprint, stretch, lift. Drill, drill, drill, drill. If you're lucky, that's followed by a quick scrimmage. There's nothing interesting enough to even quote. Maybe it's an indictment of Rosen's observational powers. Or maybe 15 people exercising just isn't all that fascinating. Bring on the games.