Pictures of food

When I was in college, I didn't know how to cook. But every now and again, I did anyway. Same goes for my roommate. And that's when we started taking pictures of plates of food before eating them.

It was one part: This is a funny picture. Nine parts: Can you believe I made this rice and beans?

I still have the urge. If there's a fantastic meal in front of me, and I have a camera, I'm not just snapping that picture, but I'm going to enjoy looking at it later.

Of course, I'm not the only one. Another, evidently, is former NBA player J.R. Giddens. He's playing in Europe, and tweeting a steady stream of killer photos of the room service he clearly thoroughly enjoys.

Harmless. Enjoyable. And, while a little ice cream heavy, I'd guess, for your typical team dietician, Giddens' diet, as photographed, is in the mainstream of NBA players and, it must be said, modern American humans.

TrueHoop reader and writer Simon points out that those photos may be causing trouble with Giddens' new team, Valencia.

Now it has been reported that Valencia didn't register Giddens for Euroleague Top16 (starts today, deadline was yesterday), because [coach Svetislav] Pesic isn't amused with Giddens' lifestyle. ... Giddens was asked to not attend practice. The club is now rumored to look for ways to terminate the player's contract. Giddens published a few more or less meaningful tweets since, including "Sometimes ppl don't respect ur talent in time u will be acceptced..." and "Life... Its full of curve balls.. Just make sure u sit and wait for the rt pitch u will knock it out the park."

Did the food photos make the difference? That's the rumor.

Giddens has been begged, on Twitter, to answer that question, but so far has been evasive. In the meantime, what I wouldn't give for that egg sandwich he snapped.

UPDATE: A couple of very recent tweets from Giddens: "truth is I'm ready to hoop forget the BS" and a minute later: "lol i love food."