Pistons Hate Zone, Play it Well

Chris McCosky reports Flip Saunders has been pulling teeth to get the Pistons to play some zone. Tayshaun Prince is among those quoted as being pretty negative about it.

"It's about playing to your strengths and taking advantage of the rules that are in place," coach Flip Saunders said.

"We have a bunch of long, quick, athletic guys. And with the rules the way they are, that's something we have to use to our advantage."

In scrimmages, Saunders has empowered Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton to call the defense on each possession. More often than not, especially when they need a big stop, they are calling for a zone.

Against the Heat, Saunders had the Pistons go to the zone every time the Heat ran their 2-up play. That's the play designed to get Wade isolated at or near the top of the key -- the one that systematically destroyed the Pistons last season.

Every time Wade got the ball -- he played 20 minutes and didn't appear to have fresh legs -- all he saw were red jerseys... Wade missed six of his eight shots and had three turnovers.