Mike Bibby Could be a Free Agent Next Summer

I didn't know. Nobody told me! We all learned that Vince Carter could opt out. Not Tom Ziller says that Bibby can opt out too:

Bibby is signed through 2009, but he has an out this coming offseason. He can exercise his player options for 2007-08 and 2008-09, earn $28 million over those two years, and hit the market at age 31. Or, he can opt out after this season and hope to sign a long-term deal at age 29.

One of the big stories of this season won't be told at all until next summer if then: there must be hundreds of quiet conversations behind-the-scenes to feel out where some of the big names might end up in next summer's game of musical chairs. Someone like Bibby isn't going to opt out of $28 million without a pretty strong inkling of what might be out there to replace it.