The Raymond Felton we knew

When the Knicks were winning like crazy, point guard Raymond Felton was playing incredibly well.

For a lot of Knick fans, it was easy to project that he had turned over a new leaf, and to start projecting more of the same off into the future.

More recently, however, Felton's production has plummeted, and Knick wins have become scarce.

Here's the bad news, though: If you look at his entire career, the more recent Felton has been the more common one. In other words, writes Mike from Knickerblogger, maybe Felton's hot streak was the aberration, and recent play is more typical:

Prior to the start of this season, the concern with Raymond Felton was whether his final year with the Bobcats was a fluke. If that season was an outlier, and his true value is more in line with his seasons prior then Felton still has some way to go before he reaches those depths. The question is not will he recapture the play he had earlier this year, since that seems to be far above what he is capable of producing on a long term basis. Instead the more serious concern is how much lower will things get for Raymond Felton?