Monday Bullets

  • Will Smith, Julius Erving and others are said to be interested in the Sixers.

  • The people at Daily Basketball clearly have excellent taste.

  • Kevin Broom: "Does defense win championships? Yes. But it’s equally true that offense wins championships. Not surprisingly, what the evidence shows is that championship teams are usually good at both ends of the court. One thing that’s interesting (and which may lend itself to the popular notion that defense wins chamipionships) is that championsip teams tend to play at a slower pace than the league average. Since playing at a slower pace leads to lower scoring games (both points scored and points allowed), it probably contributes to the media’s notion that defense is what wins championships. Since mainstream sports media relies almost exclusively on per game stats, it’s possible that they’re not noticing good defense, but a pace effect."

  • Paul Shirley was the last player cut by the Timberwolves (and Vin Baker, well, wasn't): In a little more than an hour Shirley will be chatting about it.

  • FreeDarko requested a particular Tyrus Thomas block/dunk highlight, and got it.

  • Stephon Marbury, would-be talk show host in search of a network. He has a heartfelt interview with Kobe Bryant in the can already.

  • Ahmad Rashad (most arrogant man I have ever met, by the way) has some new TV show too.

  • Mark Madsen loves Craig Smith, on and off the court.

  • Billy King still has his job, it says here, because the Sixers are for sale.

  • The Eric Musselman drinking scale. And some nice Musselman background. The Association points out that new we all have carte blanche to ask "What, are you drunk?" whenever Musselman makes a mistake. (And, Musselman has a motivational video.)

  • You've been dying for video of the Wizards' fashion show. Here you go.

  • Chris "Birdman" Andersen, suspended for testing positive to an unspecifed drug, admits to having taken an unspecified drug. He has his eye on the date in 2008 when he'll be eligible to return. Good article.

  • Kevin from ClipperBlog: "...the Sonics aren't going to do anything with Luke Ridnour as their primary point guard. We all appreciate Ridnour's David Eckstein-like grit and passion. But do you think it's a coincidence that Seattle was one of the worst defensive teams in NBA history with Ridnour at the point? It ain't all Rashard Lewis."

  • If the Heat are Supermen, the Spurs are their kryptonite.

  • NetsDaily: "...preseason statistics are showing that Antoine Wright has made a remarkable turnaround. He has gone from a rookie season where many thought he was a bust to a preseason where he is the leading scorer among those taken in the 2005 Draft."