Welcome Hoopdata

If you had some kind of crazy analytics, you could probably prove that the TrueHoop Network averages something 4.5 links to Hoopdata per day. This is a strong organic trend, and a sign that Hoopdata is useful.

And what is it useful for? As it happens: Crazy analytics.

Click around. You'll see. Sortable stats of every kind imaginable, along with thoughtful commentary.

For instance, this bit of Russell Westbrook analysis, which argues Westbrook is one wrinkle from MVP-contention:

  • Among those who play a lot, only Steve Nash benefits from fewer assists. Westbrook has a full bag of tricks to create his own shot.

  • He can score all kinds of way, except one of the most efficient ways: By knocking down an open, standstill 3.

  • The ability to nail open 3-pointers would make Westbrook nearly impossible to cover.

  • He has perfected skills far more challenging than that. His learning curve has been absurdly steep.

Hoopdata offers a ton, but the site's calling card has always been shot location data.

Shot location data is, as it happens, an amazing way to make your local TV broadcaster nervous. For the last 100 years people have been saying things along the lines of "nobody hits mid-range jumpers like Ray Allen."

Well, thanks to the site Joseph Treutlein and Matt Nolan founded, you can now see that Allen is, in fact, amazing from 10-15 feet. But right there with him are guys like David Lee, Hedo Turkoglu, Anthony Morrow and Steve Nash. It was fun, back in the day, to just ignore the Morrows of the world to say that Allen was the king. But it's not really a monarchy, with a king ... it's more like a democracy, where Allen is one of several cabinet members.

Hoopdata makes us smarter, and Anthony Morrow happier.

Not to mention, shot location is hugely important to understanding how teams score. Imagine you're an opposing coach, gameplanning to stop the Heat. It might be handy to know, for instance, that James Jones hasn't scored a point in the paint all season.

So, thanks for making us smarter, Hoopdata, and welcome to the TrueHoop Network.