Thursday Bullets

  • From ESPN Stats and Information Group, and Elias Sports: Jerry Sloan has been the head coach of the Jazz since December 9, 1988. Forty current players were not yet born when Sloan took over as coach of the Jazz. He has coached 133 players and seven All-Stars. The second-longest tenured coach, Gregg Popovich, got his job almost exactly eight years later. In all of major American sports, only three coaches (Connie Mack, Curly Lambeau and Tom Landry) have had longer tenures. Also, in the last 23 years, the Jazz have had 21 winning seasons. And consider the effectiveness of his flex offense: "The Jazz have been above the league average in offensive efficiency in 19 out of Sloan's 23 seasons in Utah, averaging about three points per 100 possessions better than average, which is worth about seven or eight wins per year."

  • A long hard look at what happened in Utah. The story seems to be one of a power struggle between Deron Williams and that unwavering flex offense.

  • A look at a late Deron Williams mistake against the Bulls.

  • Speculation from a former Jazz beat writer that all signs point to Deron Williams leaving the Jazz eventually.

  • Landry Fields dressed up as an employee of a sporting goods store in New York. Sports fans came in. He tried to get them to buy Knicks gear, especially his jersey. He talked up Landry Fields over the store's PA system. And at least on camera, every single shopper failed to realize he was, you know, an actual Knick.

  • What about the idea that Byron Scott is on thin ice? Honestly, now that the playoffs are out of the picture, I'd say if anything he has been a model employee. He is upbeat and coaching hard, even while sullying up his coaching record miserably. Of course, in the long run all this losing is probably the team's fastest road back to respectability.

  • Google owes Connie Hawkins an apology.

  • The website is called www.DidTheCavsWinLastNight.com.

  • Advice on moving from your cheap NBA seats into somebody else's unused more expensive seats.