Blake Griffin when he first moved to L.A.

Now that the Clipper big man is devouring the basketball world, it's worth revisiting this hilarious Blake Griffin interview.

Peter Mehlman's Narrow World of Sports had Griffin on before his rookie season. It's entirely tongue-in-cheek, and Griffin is in character saying all kinds of stuff, like, for instance, that humility is overrated and that he has cut off all contact with his family so as to better enjoy Los Angeles. Then there's this, after they discuss Griffin's biracial background:

Mehlman: You always wanted to play in the NBA. Were you ever at all worried that, you know, the white part in you would hold you back?

Griffin: Sometimes. ... At night, when I go to bed, I would cry myself to sleep. It's just like, why? Why did I have to be, you know, half white? Why couldn't I just be guaranteed to get into the NBA?