Bulls still eying Mayo?

Word is Bulls have NOT abandoned hope of striking deal for OJ Mayo and now have one more first-round pick to peddle after James Johnson dealless than a minute ago via √úberSocial

With the cap space created by dealing James Johnson to Toronto, Chicago could now absorb the $2.9 million contract of Cleveland’s Anthony Parker -- one of their top trade targets for weeks – without having to part with any players. It’s believed that the Cavaliers would expect at least one future first-round pick in such a swap, but the Bulls are armed with an extra first-rounder thanks to the Johnson deal.

Houston’s Courtney Lee, who’s making a mere $1.4 million, is another longstanding Bulls target.

MayoBut sources briefed on Chicago’s thinking told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein on Tuesday night that the Bulls have not yet abandoned hope of striking a deal for Memphis’ O.J. Mayo, even though Mayo’s $4.5 million salary would not fit into that cap space.

The Bulls appear to be trying to stockpile assets, such as the first-rounder acquired from the Raptors, for at least one more deal before Thursday’s 3 p.m. trading deadline. Yet ESPN.com reported earlier this month that the Grizzlies are reluctant to trade Mayo now in the midst of his troubled season, knowing that Mayo’s recent 10-game drug suspension and a fight on the team plane with teammate Tony Allen would make it hard for them to get good value for the No. 3 overall pick from the 2008 draft.

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