James White Lands with the Spurs

Jonathan Givony reports on the recently cut Pacer:

White was considered arguably the top athlete in the 2006 draft, and is hailed for his potential as a defensive stopper. He was drafted as a fifth year senior out of Cincinnati after transferring out of Florida following his freshman season. He underachieved in college, but still has a chance to develop into an excellent role-player thanks to his outstanding physical tools. His in-depth pre-draft scouting report can be read here. San Antonio has been looking for a future replacement for defensive stopper Bruce Bowen for some time.

Perfect situation for team and player. Givony says the contract is not guaranteed, which means the Spurs get raw material to feed into their system. If he gets it right, they have an important role player for the future. If he never gets it, all they've given up is a roster spot. And James White? He just got a big fat wake-up call to go with $1.1 guaranteed from the Pacers. Now he has a reasonable shot at winning a ring this year while he's groomed at perhaps the best basketball graduate school in the world.