Get Jess Kersey a Helmet

Kelly Dwyer just e-mailed:

I'm watching Mavs/Spurs for the first time right now, and I can't believe Jess Kersey's been knocked out of another game. Now, three knockouts in 30+ years is a pretty sustained record of health, but I do remember this:

  • In early 2001, I believe, Kersey was accidently nudged by Bo Outlaw as Outlaw tried to gather himself running down the court in a game in Orlando. Kersey slipped and tore his Achilles, out for the season.

  • I don't have my copy of Loose Balls with me, but I clearly recall a passage about a young Jess Kersey, ref'ing an ABA game, slipping on a wet spot, wrenching his back, and knocking himself out for a season.

I'll tell you what I can't believe: Kelly Dwyer's memory.

UPDATE: Fair question in the comments: Who's Jess Kersey? As I should have explained, Adam, he's an NBA referee. Here's a fun article making the case that he's terrible at his job.