Chris Paul has a new Shoe Deal

Darnell Mayberry reports that Paul has a six-year deal with Michael Jordan's brand:

Paul originally signed a four-year contract with Nike worth approximately $600,000 a year shortly before becoming the fourth overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft.

The Jordan Brand is under the Nike umbrella, but it is unknown how much Paul's new contract with Jordan is worth.

Paul, however, will now wear Jordan's shoes throughout the season instead of Nike's, as he did a year ago. Paul wore Jordan 9.5's for the Hornets' season-opener Wednesday night against the Boston Celtics.

Paul's deal with the Jordan Brand places him among an elite group of athletes that Jordan reportedly handpicks himself.


  • How'd he get out of the other, presumably much smaller contract?

  • Is the Jordan Brand a distinct business entity that competes with Nike? Or not? Another way of asking that same question: was Paul wooed away from Nike by someone, or is this merely a corporate marketing re-shuffle with the bigwigs at Nike and Brand Jordan all on board?

  • Isn't there a potential conflict of interest there, where a part-owner of the Bobcats has a financial stake in the success of the star of the Hornets (and several other NBA stars too)?