Kings below 75 percent of cap

League rules dictate that every team in the NBA must spend at least 75 percent of the salary cap in any given season. That computes to $43,533,000 this season, with the salary cap ceiling established at $58,044,000.

Sacramento, though, has actually slipped beneath that threshold with the trade that sent Carl Landry to New Orleans for Marcus Thornton. The Kings’ payroll for the season has dipped to $42,489,034, which puts them $1,043,966 beneath the minimum.

So if the Kings don't make another trade in the final five hours before the trade deadline, they'll have two options:

1. Spend that $1,043,966 before the end of the season on new players, whether it’s D-League callups or a free-agent signing or two.

2. Distribute that $1,043,966 evenly to the players on their roster when the regular season ends April 13 to meet league spending requirements.