Rant of a Basketball Junkie

Kelly Dwyer likes to watch a lot of basketball. And he has some complaints about the technology involved. He just e-mailed:

I've been a League Pass subscriber since Bill Wennington was an active player; I tape a ridiculous amount of games and make sure to clear Wednesday/Friday nights to be around when the NBA schedule is ten games-strong. Satisfied with my VCR, I was a little late to the Tivo world, picking one up in October of 2004 -- and though this magical device has helped in innumerable amount of ways, Direct TV continues to thwart my attempts to record as much as possible.

See, on the League Pass, games are listed as lasting for six hours. SIX HOURS! I can't remember the last game that went beyond three hours, and though I know Direct TV wants to avoid irate callers berating them for cutting off a long and/or overtime game too early, they could really help by knocking that time down to three hours thirty, four, or five hours. Seriously, even a bounce down to five would help those of us that could then switch over to the end of West Coast game after recording from 7-to-12 EST of an East Coast game.

Yes, I know I could just work this stuff manually, but with a full'ish Tivo, it won't even let you record a six-hour program sometimes, and it completely screws up your night if you're away. With Direct TV listing games at three hours thirty (or three hours even), and with dual tuners being as wonderful as they are, I could cobble together four games on some nights. For nerds like me, guys who turn the VCR on record while we FLIP AROUND from 7pm to 12:30pm watching NBA games, it would be a huge help.

I don't know how it is for League Passes on other Dish services, or cable outlets, but for those of us with Direct TV; it is a huge pain in the ass. And though I've been emailing/calling Direct TV about this for years, I've gotten no satisfaction (cue Jimmy Reed music ...).

Is anyone else ticked over this? Has anyone else been ticked over this since the dawning of a new century? Does anyone else waste as much time as me watching these guys bounce a ball around, and want to re-live the excitement sometime the next afternoon? Anyone want to help me change things?!? ATT-I-CA! ATT-I-CA! I need some comments, people!

I hear you brother! I don't have Direct TV, but I love a good protest movement.

You know what I want? Every single game pay-per-view at a reasonable rate, like, say $4. I don't really want to be an archivist. I'd like someone else to keep them stored and organized. If they'll serve it up to my living room when I want it, that's worth something to me. The League Pass is around $200. My plan would be cheaper for anyone who watches fewer than fifty games per year, plus you wouldn't need TiVo.