Bad Ass Yellow Knee

A couple of days ago, Bill Simmons wrote:


1. Kenyon Martin

Looks like the old K-Mart again. Finally. So if you're scoring at home, it takes at least two years to recover fully from microfracture surgery and possibly 50.

(That reminds me, Casey from Austin, Texas, sent along this disturbing e-mail: "I had microfracture surgery a year ago today. I'm writing to tell you my knee, a year after the surgery, is a combination of a frozen monkey fist and a bag of chunky gravy. I understand I didn't have the same surgeon or rehab as Amare, but I'm also not trying to play 100 NBA games in seven months. I'd like to be able to run the bases, maybe play a lazy half-court game of basketball [I've pretty much given up on soccer]. It hurts to walk to my car. How anyone, even Amare, could come back and be 100 percent after this surgery is beyond me. We're talking cartilage here, people. It doesn't grow back. And it hurts.")

Today Aaron J. Lopez writes:

Standing in the hallway outside the Nuggets locker room Wednesday night, Martin shook his head in disbelief after learning he would need arthroscopic surgery to remove loose cartilage in his right knee.

The news came just hours after the power forward talked about being healthy again after a long recovery from microfracture surgery on his left knee in May 2005.

"I need something. Rabbit's foot, something," Martin said.

This surgery isn't a huge deal--estimates are he'll be out maybe a month, possibly less. But still, the Nets sure gave up on the Bad Ass Yellow Boy at just the right moment, huh? His career has been 94% squabbling and heartache ever since he crawled out of the swamp.