Monday Bullets

  • Great chart showing how Shaun Livingston stacks up next to some of his draft class.

  • William Wesley spotted at several University of Michigan games. On a message board, one fan says: "Of course, we have been off probation for a couple of weeks now. Why not risk our integrity again?"

  • That was quick! Dajaun Wagner reportedly accepts buyout from Golden State after a steady decline in his conditioning.

  • Are the Knicks getting better? Knickerblogger says for all the training camp talk, they still haven't gotten faster--they're still playing at the league's average pace. But they look to be a little better: "On balance, this year’s Knicks are thus far an impressive 3.4 points per 100 possessions better on both ends of the court than last year’s squad, making their net efficiency (-0.8 points per 100 possessions) resemble that of a .500 team. Perhaps a team performing within the vicinity of .500 ball is nothing to get excited about, but it’s nonetheless a steep improvement over a team contending for the #1 lottery pick (like last year’s team, which posted a hair-raising net efficiency of -7.6 points per 100 possessions)."

  • LowPost.Net interviews SunsGossip: "Frankly right now I'm flunking out of law school. I do want to eventually graduate because it's part of the master plan of becoming the next David Stern. If that doesn't work out, I'll settle for being Michelle Tafoya or something like that."

  • BenchRenaldo: "Mr Balkman, We'd just like to take this opportunity to make a formal apology to you and your family. It was wrong (and incredibly mean-spirited) of us to name a blog after you in such a distasteful manner. We were looking for a cheap laugh, and were fresh out of ideas for a good name. We hope you understand."

  • Smells like leadership. Mike Barrett reports: "When the Blazers arrived at their hotel in the wee small hours on Saturday morning, Jarrett Jack was so upset with the loss to Boston, and particularly his performance, he dropped his bags and went straight to Nate McMillan's room. 'He was upset with the way he had played, and just wanted some direction, and an idea of what he could to get better,' McMillan told me on the plane on the way home late Saturday night. 'We talked for a while, and then watched the entire Boston game over again. We stopped the DVD over and over again, and looked at just about every offensive set. It was a great chance to sit one-on-one with my point guard and pick apart everything we're doing.' It was obviously a productive meeting, even if it meant neither man got much sleep. Saturday morning, rather than hold the normal game-day shootaround, the Blazers met in a meeting room at the hotel for three hours. The bus, on the way to game, was very quiet, and very intense. This was a young, shorthanded team responding to a disappointing situation. They weren't about to be embarrassed again."

  • Gilbert Arenas says "if nobody votes for me, I'm not going to do anymore blogs." I say, Gilbert, I'm using you as a sacrificial lamb to get a little word-usage something off my chest: you have one blog, with multiple blog entries or posts. Article is to magazine as post is to blog. You were never going to do a lot of blogs anyway. We just want the one... so I'm voting for Dwyane.

  • At a lot of arenas, reporters aren't sitting courtside anymore. Beat writers are pissed. Can you notice the difference in the coverage? I'd love to be outraged, but it's so rare that the kind of color that you get sitting courtside makes it into game stories. I honestly haven't noticed the difference. When word of these changes came up months ago I urged the head of the PBWA to encourage writers to include those kinds of details in their stories.

  • David Stern wants the Kings to stay in Sacramento.

  • Kevin Durant sightings. He could be a major factor in next year's draft.