Heat have kept Kobe in check

The Los Angeles Lakers now are 0-2 against the Miami Heat this season, and in both games Kobe Bryant hasn't been himself offensively.

The Heat have two elite perimeter players, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, and Ron Artest can't guard both. With Bryant forced to guard one of them, does that cause him to be less effective on offense?

Kobe Bryant This Season

Isolation Offensive Plays

In two games this season against Miami, Bryant has shot 37.8 percent from the floor (14-37). The only opponent that Bryant has a worse shooting percentage against this season is the San Antonio Spurs. In three games against San Antonio, Bryant is shooting 35.7 percent from the floor.

Bryant's isolation game has been significantly less productive against the Heat than other teams.

Bryant leads the NBA this season with 520 isolation points (7.9 points per game). However, in two games against the Heat, Bryant has scored just 3 points in isolation, missing 10 of his 11 isolation shots.