Bill Simmons on the Knicks

His latest 700,000 words are on the hapless Eastern Conference. Here are some favorite points about the Knicks.

Not only is there a good chance that no Knicks player will finish with more than four assists a game, but two of the biggest ball hogs in recent NBA history (Nate Robinson and Jamal Crawford) might crack a combined 4,500 minutes this season without notching 350 assists combined. Did you know Robinson has played 16 games and 343 minutes and dished out 24 assists total? He's a point guard! He's 5-foot-7!!!! How is this possible????? And where is John Hollinger during all of this? Couldn't he break down the biggest ball hogs of all time with a convoluted minute/assist/field goal attempt/turnover ratio statistical amalgam?

(Paging John Hollinger ... John Hollinger, please report to the ESPN front desk ... )

He later adds:

(By the way, there should be a mandate that every positive article written about the Magic this season includes a reference to Isiah single-handedly turning their fortunes around by taking Steve Francis off their hands. I'd even consider voting him "Executive of the Year" if the Magic gets a top-three seed. Seriously, what exec had a bigger impact on a team than Isiah had on the Orlando Magic? Can you name one? Didn't think so.)