George Karl Takes it up an Octave or Two

Aaron J. Lopez reports:

From behind closed doors the voice was familiar, yet strangely high-pitched, almost as if Nuggets coach George Karl swallowed some helium and then decided to impersonate an Army drill instructor.

No player was immune to the coach's shrill, often profane, bark. No aspect of the game was off-limits for criticism.

In winning eight of nine games, the Nuggets had become - in Karl's words - too cool, too relaxed, too casual and too loose.

Their 108-96 loss Tuesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies could have been sponsored by Ambien, and practice Wednesday provided an opportunity for Karl to issue his players a wake-up call.

"It was a good day for George. He got to vent, which is good. Once in a while, you have to," Nuggets assistant Doug Moe said. "As a player, you get to run around, hit people, get hit. As a coach, you can't run around.

"Every once in a while it builds up and it builds up. The only way to vent is yelling - unless you want to bang your head against the wall, and that's detrimental to your health."

I swear I read some psychologist somewhere saying that the theory of "yelling" as therapy really isn't all it's cracked up to be, and usually only begets the need to yell more in the future.