Scoop Jackson's Hands on Another Man's Orange Roundie

The big issue of the day in the basketball blogosphere, by a country mile, is the Orange Roundie.

It's a fun little idea from YAYSports! that has been recurring all season long. Ball as character, with a name.

Scoop Jackson wrote an ESPN column with, essentially, the same idea. It didn't, initially, credit the Cavalier at YAYSports! That was one understandably pissed Cavalier. Bloggers rushed to his support.

I was just settling in to write my lengthy take on the whole situation, and have put out a feeler to Scoop Jackson to get his side of the story. Then, well, Deadspin did the whole thing pretty much perfectly, so I'd recommend you just go read that. In a nutshell: the piece has been updated with a link to YAYSports! and Jackson tells Deadspin he always intended for the link to be there, but it was taken out by ESPN.

Bigger message, though? Bloggers will be heard, even by very large media companies. Don't think that was true a year ago. But now and forever moving forward, steal from bloggers at the risk of, well, lots of angry bloggers who now have a pretty influential audience.