Notes from TNT Last Night

TNT has a new thing where they are transcribing a lot of what happens and e-mailing it to me. I'm all for it.

Iverson on what he wants out of his remaining career: “I’ve said it a million times, I’ve had scoring titles, I’ve had MVPs. I’ve been in playoff games, I’ve scored 50, I’ve scored 60. I’ve done those things. I ain’t never won a ring and that’s the only thing I want, that’s the only thing I care about. And if Carmelo happens to lead me to a ring, I’ll be right behind him.”

TNT’s David Aldridge on how the Iverson trade happened: “The Nuggets wanted to get this over and done with. They didn’t want Andre Miller’s name out there in trade talks for the next couple of weeks, they were very concerned about that. They went to Philly and said if you want to get this done here’s how it will get done. The Sixers looked at it, and they had some other deals on the table, and in the end… this was the best deal they could get. Otherwise both teams had to find a third team to do it with.”

Aldridge on what the Iverson trade means to the Philadelphia 76ers: “It’s about those draft picks, (the Sixers have) got to hit a homerun with those draft picks. They got three picks, one of them will probably be in the lottery, the other two will probably be late first round picks… you wonder if Philly can get it done. This is going to be potentially a great draft, but they have to hit a homerun.”