Tom Thibodeau, mentor

Ben McGrath of the New Yorker recently wrote a tremendous profile of Texas Legends coach Nancy Lieberman. It has a great cameo by Tom Thibodeau:

Earlier in the week, Lieberman had cold-called Tom Thibodeau, the head coach of the Chicago Bulls, and asked for help with her defense. He FedExed her a portion of the Bulls' playbook. "It's a fraternity, and I'm just glad the guys have allowed me to be in the fraternity," she said. "I bet you it's been ninety to ten, men to women, calling to congratulate me. 'What do you need? How can we help you?' Because women, we still have a little bit of, I think, that jealousy, or the pie's been so small in the past that we're petty in some cases."

Lieberman comes off as a tremendous professional with more than enough sass and personality to succeed coaching men. Bless her. She also just seems so darned likable. Here's a moment:

"Our first game at Idaho, we're down seven with about three minutes to go. You could just see this look of concern on Antonio's [Daniels] face. So I call him over -- they're shooting a foul shot. I go, 'Antonio, come here.' 'Yes, coach?' He doesn't know how I work. It's our second game together. I say, 'Antonio, look, this is serious. Do you like my hair?'"