Watch the Pat Riley News Conference

Holy cow! This is some interesting stuff.

  • Pat Riley leads off saying that James Posey and Antoine Walker will be deactivated today for not meeting team conditioning goals. If they don't meet the benchmarks by January 15, they will be suspended. He says the goals have been made clear, and they are both in good shape, but they haven't met the goals. He later says he expects it won't take long for them to get back to the team.

  • Asked clearly whether or not he will return to coach again, he says that's "his plan." Which is not the same as "yes."

  • A reporter asked if it was true that he aggravated his knee by kicking a door during a locker room tirade. Riley did not deny it, saying what happens in the locker room is private.

  • He's not all that upbeat about the team. He says it's a championship team that is currently "sideways."

  • "I made a decision to take care of myself... so that I'll be strong enough to come back and kick their asses..."

  • Why didn't he get surgery before? He didn't feel like it. Next question.

  • He says that it's his opinion that Miami assistant Erik Spoelstra is the next great young NBA coach.