Thursday Mini-Bullets

UPDATE: If you check the TrueHoop comments, you'll see a plugged in reader explaining the belief that what you see in those LeBron photos is not a party at all, but just another day poolside at the Shore Club in Miami. The Shore Club's marketing website describes it this way:

The Shore Club's two elevated infinity edge pools, one Olympic size the other a lap pool with hot tub, are surrounded by enormous custom tufted beds ranging from 12x12 feet to 30x4 feet and are covered in hand-painted pillows of all sizes and large painted throws all by artists Izhar Patkin and Kim MacConnel. The Beach is easily accessed directly from the pools.

Centrally located between the pools and surrounded by white sheer curtains is the Rumbar, offering 75 different rums, creating an intimate space and backdrop for the potted climber plants. Off one of the pools is the Sandbar, which in its own private setting in the sand, lends itself to smaller private parties.

It seems kind of dishonest, somehow, not to mention the scads of topless women mingling with the superstar athletes. How is one supposed to know not to bring the kids?

By the way, the same commenter also points out that a beer there is nine dollars, but if you're crafty you can sneak in a twelve pack.