Friday Bullets

  • Vince Carter and Paul Pierce in a high school dunk contest.

  • Goodbye D-League: Jonathan Givony e-mails a link to a Mike Schmidt article saying Andre Brown is about to be a Sonic, and Dijon Thompson is about to be a Hawk.

  • Basketbawful with an important terminology update: "Swag is a shortened version of the word 'swagger,' with a slightly modified meaning. It was seemingly coined by Gilbert Arenas about Gilbert Arenas. After downing the Bucks at the buzzer with an improbable shot from area code range, Arenas said, 'My swag was phenomenal.' Said teammate Antawn Jamison, 'We call it swag. Gil has a great amount of swag out there.' But was is swag, exactly? You can't call it confidence, because it's more like a sublime and otherworldly self-assurance..."

  • Put some ginseng in the microwave. (Trust me, you want to click on that. It's marvelous and creepy.)

  • Tom Ziller says Eric Musselman doesn't suck: "Give him time. I don’t think he’s hurting the team - you think Rick Adelman would be five games over .500 with Bibby shooting 37 percent? Actually, all things considered (Miller missed a month, Bibby was horrible for 25 games, Artest has missed seven games, nothing but new and young players in the backcourt/wing positions besides Bibby and Martin), he’s done pretty well to be sitting one game under .500. People forget this team started off 8-5 against a rather tough schedule and no one realizes this team has reeled off four of five. The Kings have had the second toughest schedule in the league thus far. Musselman is doing fine..."

  • How inside information can make money for sports gamblers, by Stephen Nover: "The biggest NBA bet I ever won came a couple of years ago when 30 minutes before tip-off I received a call from a source saying Steve Francis wouldn’t play. The books got that same information a few minutes before tip-off, but in that short interval before the house found out, I was able to bet against Francis’ team, which happened to be the Rockets at the time, while also betting the under. Both wagers easily won."

  • As part of a debate about what makes a great coach, Sekou Smith touches on NBA player insurrections: "Player uprisings are much more likely at the pro level than they are at any other (One of the most egregious mutinies in recent memory remains the New Jersey Nets’ revolt against Byron Scott, who coached them to back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals. And no, they haven’t so much sniffed that rarified are since.)"

  • Mark Cuban's love letter to Bobby Knight. Screamers unite!

  • Good fan video of Gilbert Arenas' big shot and walk away.

  • Mark Monteith: "Who should win the East? Nobody, that’s who. Somebody has to, though. The rules require it. That leaves the door open for a hot and healthy team to take the conference by surprise and reach the Finals. Except it won’t be that big a surprise, because there would be something surprising about any of the teams reaching the Finals. It should be interesting, even if it’s not pretty."

  • Thomas McKee is getting all Barone in Memphis: "True, it has only been 3 games, but everything in Grizzland is so much better." By the way, if ever there were a coach who should have a sandwich named after him... "Barone with meatballs and extra sauce, please." Hollinger would order one.

  • Chris Sheridan says that Rod Thorn could have had Walter Herrmann instead of Bernard Robinson. Chris Sheridan also says Rod Thorn will regret choosing Robinson.

  • It says here that the Nets are desperate to jump start their season, willing to trade just about anybody. It says here that they were trying to get Jamaal Magloire. How about Vince Carter, Jason Collins, and Mile Ilic for Jamaal Magloire, Darius Miles, and Juan Dixon? I know, it's undervaluing Carter, but he'd be a rental for almost anyone anyway--presumably he'll go wherever he wants this summer. And Darius Miles, next to Jason Kidd, is fulfilling a lot more potential than in almost any other scenario. And New Jersey reportedly wants to get rid of Collins. I shouldn't do this kind of pie-in-the-sky trade scenario stuff, but it's kind of fun.

  • Damien Wilkens has a Tiki Barber quote in his locker. Jayda Evans: "Tacked to the back panel is a quote by Giants running back Tiki Barber, stating that every day is an opportunity disguised as a challenge."

  • Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold on the Laker season: "Why the Lakers are better this season is that they are much deeper, and Kobe is giving those players more breathing room in the offense. Kobe is attempting 7 fewer shots per game this season (or at least he was, it's been 3.5 fewer since Odom went down). Some of that is because Odom was, and Walton is, able to take on more. But so can Mo Evans. And Radmanovic is finding his way some nights. And Bynum learned a few quality post moves from Kareem. And Jordan Farmar makes smart decisions in transition. And guys like Brian Cook have found their roles. That depth is helping the Lakers weather the injury storm fairly well, and they haven't even had to go to the ace-in-the-hole Shammond yet."

  • A little LeBron James football video. And much more impressive Allen Iverson video. Via Celtics Bandwagon.

  • Chris Kaman is now only allowed to dribble one time, and he may have a blogger to blame for it.

  • A closeup medical image of something kind of like what might have happened to Yao Ming's knee.