Upsetting weekends

Lower-seeded teams have won 11 of the playoffs' first 30 games, including three of the eight games in the opening weekend.

Which is no small part of the reason why a week ago everyone was marveling at how these may be the best playoffs ever.

Then, almost all last week, higher seeds won relentlessly, re-establishing the normal, more boring, order. Higher seeds didn't lose a single game last Monday through Wednesday, and they only lost two games all week. All together, last Monday through Friday, higher seeds won 12 of 14 games.

Behold, however, this past weekend! The Pacers, Blazers, Grizzlies, Sixers, Hawks and Hornets were all at home, of course, and all won. Lower seeds won an amazing six of eight games this weekend, which does a lot to stir the pot.

Put it all together, and lower seeds are winning 56 percent of weekend games, and 14 percent of weekday games. It's all fairly meaningless in terms of predicting anything -- it's a small number of games, and an oddity of home schedules.

But it's a huge part of why the leaguewide excitement has been higher on weekends and Mondays.