What do you think about at the line?

Nothing at all.

With a playoff elimination game on the line, Joel Anthony stepped to the stripe. Later the Heat told Kevin Arnovitz what the 64 percent free-throw shooter thought about as he calmly sank two shots, and the Sixers:

"I just try not to think about anything," Anthony said of his routine. "Just focus on the rim, eyes on the rim, catch my breath. Don’t listen to anything. Don't listen to the crowd. Don’t listen to any of the players. After that, just make them. Follow-through the way I’ve been practicing all the time. I practice free throws all the time with Coach Askins before games. Come to the line, got to make one to tie, two to win. Try to put that mental pressure on yourself."

Anthony responded to that pressure by swishing both ends of the pair, giving the Heat a 3-point lead with 16.8 seconds to play.

"I don’t know how many times 'Doc' has probably been in that situation in his basketball career," Dwyane Wade said of Anthony. "I don’t think he knew what situation he was in. The only thing he knows to do is go up there and make two. I don’t even think he really realized the situation and he didn’t overthink it. That’s what happens late in games when you get to the line -- you start thinking too much. I don’t think he thought at all. He just went up there like normal, like, 'OK, I’m going to try to make two.' And he did."