Andre Miller never left Watts

The Oregonian's Jason Quick pulls off one of the niftier tricks in sports: He got the reclusive Andre Miller to open up, a little.

Miller talks about his childhood playing with grown men who got into a lot of fistfights. He talks about a family that supported the idea of good team ball. And he talks about why he believes he can post up just about any guard in the world.

What caught my eye, though, is something we've talked about before, which is how the NBA's iron man spends his off-season:

If his season ends Thursday, or if it ends in late June, Miller already knows his summer plans. They are the same as every summer since he was a kid: Hit the streets of Watts and Compton.

"Every summer," Miller said. "And I do the same thing I did when I was little, except walk around. I have a car now."

He doesn't have a home. Instead, he stays at his mom's home in Compton. The fellas come over, they cook out, talk sports and catch up.

His mom didn't want to leave the neighborhood, even though her son has made millions in his NBA career.

"My mom is a city person, she likes to be out in the streets, helping people in the community, staying busy," Miller said.

He takes pride in returning home every summer, going back to his roots.

"You know, it's never a surprise to people when I go home," Miller said with pride. "It's not like, 'We haven't seen you in a while.' They have respect for what I do as a pro."