Charley Rosen's "Most Amazing Play Ever"

At FOXSports.com, former CBA coach Charley Rosen tells the story of "the most amazing single basketball play that I've ever witnessed." It was during the Chicago Bulls 1989 training camp, and it came right after scrapper Matt Brust, trying to make the team out of St. John's, knocked Michael Jordan to the floor on what seemed would be an easy dunk.

On the very next sequence Jordan pilfered a careless pass and was once again headed hoopward-and there was Brust, chasing the ball and intent on a command performance.

The first hint of trouble was when Jordan slowed down somewhat to allow Brust to catch him. Then, as before, Jordan elevated to the basket, palming the ball in his right hand. This time, just as Brust launched another audacious attack on Jordan's august person, MJ made a preemptive strike, smashing his left elbow into the rookie's forehead. Then, while still levitated, Jordan switched the ball to his left hand, reached around to the far side of the rim, and shivered the entire gym with a thunderous dunk.

For Jordan, score two points and a KO.

For Brust, a mild concussion and an early retirement.