Is LRMR for Sale?

Darren Rovell reiterates the suspicion that when CAA bought Leon Rose's firm, they probably didn't get the big prize: the right to market LeBron James:

If CAA thinks LeBron is coming along for the ride, I’d be very surprised. Buying Rose would technically mean that CAA would represent James for contract negotiations, but he is signed through the 2009-10 season and his marketing is exclusively done by LRMR Marketing, run by one of his best friends Maverick Carter. So that means that there would be no new money until at least 2010. Complicating things is the fact that, as reported by Sports Business Journal, Carter is shopping around his business to others and I’d give Carter the benefit over Rose in terms of where LeBron would wind up if LRMR isn’t bought out by CAA. Here’s the interesting tidbit that hasn’t been brought up by anyone yet. LRMR isn’t just LeBron’s marketing arm. Sources tell me that they’ve started to recruit other players and recently lost out on inking Phillies MVP Ryan Howard. Here’s the low down - if CAA wants to buy LeBron, they better buy LRMR too.