How Come Marc Stein Gets to Break All the News?

This just in from ESPN:

The Golden State Warriors have agreed to trade Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu and Keith McLeod to the Indiana Pacers for Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson, Sarunas Jasikevicius and Josh Powell, NBA front-office sources tell ESPN.com's Marc Stein.

The trade is scheduled to be announced later Wednesday.

UPDATE: It's real.

I'm going to make a quick attempt at making some sense of it. First of all, I would assume that in the short term, talent-wise, it looks like Golden State got the better part of this as Al Harrington has long been thought of as something special, Stephen Jackson is a legitimate scorer, and the other two can play.

But Al Harrington has not helped his team much this year. I just used Synergy Sports (by the way, I have word the fan version will be back by the All-Star break) to watch all his possesions from the recent loss to New Jersey. He had about two good plays--a spin move, and a put back. Everything was jump shots, and the vast majority of them were missed. From the way the Nets were guarding him, it was like they wanted him to shoot those shots, and it totally paid off.

And Stephen Jackson has a severely diminished value, at least in Indiana, because of the PR nightmare and legal battle he has ahead of him resulting from the combination of his parole from the ruckus in Auburn Hills, and reportedly firing his weapon multiple times in the parking lot of a strip club.

In fact, one NBA expert I just talked to thinks Indiana probably won this trade, mainly because they got to say goodbye to two bad attitudes.

Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy both have terrible contracts, but they can both shoot and should be able to punish opponents for doubling Jermaine O'Neal. And, at the same time, the Pacers aren't really playing for anything in the short-term, except perhaps an early exit. This is a chance to keep the team from becoming "the Jail Blazers of the East."

The thing that will make Indiana look bad is if Al Harrington blossoms under Don Nelson, which could happen.

UPDATE: Brian McCormick with more quick reaction, including lots of good basketball analysis (he likes this trade for both teams) as well as some fun speculation:

The other question, in my mind, is the potential for another deal. Foster is a valued commodity around the league for his hustle and reasonable contract and Dunleavy has at least one admirer with a player available for the taking. A subsequent Dunleavy for Maggette deal would be a steal for the Pacers, though they'd lose even more outside shooting. But, a Tinsley, Maggette, Granger, O'Neal, Murphy starting five would look good on paper. Another rumor on Hoopshype.com had Jason Kidd now available with the Pacers interested; did the Pacers acquire some extra bigs to make a deal with the Nets? Could the Nets be interested in acquiring Jeff Foster, Keith McLeod/Jamal Tinsley and Ike Diogu for JKidd and his marital problems?