Bill Simmons on Steve Nash and Kevin Durant

Simmons' excellent column captures the story of this season in the NBA: the Phoenix Suns. They're the show. They're the story. They're the team to watch. (Shameless plug, once again, for everyone to read Jack McCallum's book, which makes me enjoy watching them so much more.) (When I'm goofing off and don't want to work, you know what I do? I cue up every single Steve Nash play on Synergy Sports. It's so fun it makes me laugh involuntarily at times. And in my line of work, I can make a case that doing that is technically work. I love my job.)

I can't argue with this:

I wouldn't have voted him MVP the past two years (when he did win), but I'd absolutely vote for him this year (when he won't win because nobody's prepared for a world where Steve Nash is a three-time NBA MVP).

And everyone should pay attention to this:

Fortunately, we stink to the point that we're now the leading contenders for the Kevin Durant-Greg Oden Sweepstakes. (Yeah, I know I put Durant first even though Oden is the consensus No. 1. Just know that I factored in the upcoming March Madness tournament when Durant averages a 35-13 for two straight weeks and nearly wins the national title by himself, followed by three straight months of, "Wait, this guy is a rich man's KG, he might be better than Oden!" stories and features. If you don't believe me, watch Durant for a few games. He's going to be very, VERY famous some day. You can say you knew him when.) Now I'm openly rooting against the Celtics and TiVo-ing every game involving everyone on Chad Ford's top 350.