LRMR Update from Brian Windhorst

Brian Windhorst on LRMR and Kevin Durant:

Maverick Carter, the head of James' LRMR Marketing group, was seated at center court in Seattle with Microsoft vice president Joanne Bradford last Tuesday. Bradford and Carter are expected to make an announcement about James becoming a pitchman for Microsoft in a multimillion dollar deal Feb. 5. Carter and LRMR are about to become more high profile as James looks to start adding new marketing clients. They also trying are to recruit new athletes to represent.

Sources said Carter and James pitched themselves to Ohio State star Troy Smith before Smith chose Eddie DeBartolo's agency. It is believed that LRMR is trying to position itself to represent freshman University of Texas basketball star Kevin Durant once he declares for the NBA Draft. Many high-profile agents are on Durant's heels.

``I'd like to be involved with some other athletes in marketing,'' James said. ``You always want to be proactive, if there is a way I can help other athletes become more global, I will.''