Grizzlies to keep same lineup for Game 4

MEMPHIS -- O.J. Mayo started the second half for Memphis in its comeback win over Oklahoma City in Game 3, but Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins says he'll begin Game 4 with his regular starting five. Sam Young, who began the third quarter on the bench but helped ignite the rally with a thunderous dunk, will remain the starter at shooting guard.

"We're a team, and every game there's adjustments that have to be made," said Hollins, who then referenced a certain writer's suggestion that Mayo start Game 4.

"We've had other people that have stepped up and played well, and they go back to their role. It keeps the normalcy, it keeps the chaos down and everybody knows what they're supposed to do. It's easy to just put O.J. in the game. It's not the first time I've started O.J. in the second half; I've started O.J. and Shane [Battier] in the second half. It's just the way the game is going and how I feel, it doesn't change what Sam has done. There's not a need to make a wholesale change because O.J. had a good second half."

During Game 3, it came out that Zach Randolph arrived only 60 minutes before game time. Hollins said he didn't know Randolph was late because he was dealing with media obligations, but that Randolph apologized to the team for his tardiness.

Otherwise, the Grizzlies kept things loose at Sunday morning's practice, even joking about the play Hollins drew up for Randolph at the end of regulation on Saturday. The Grizzlies were actually chuckling as they came to the bench after the play, which was essentially foiled when the officials wouldn't let them inbound the ball on the left side as they had drawn it up. Randolph ended up missing a 20-foot fadeaway in a crowd.

"I like to give [Hollins] some grief about that last play for Zach," Battier said. "We laugh about those things after the fact."

"That's this team. We know we're no good if we're tense."

"I had too many people in Zach's way," Hollins said with a laugh. "What happened was I drew up the play, and then the referee came over and said we could only move it one side because the ball went out on that side. So I told the guys to flip-flop it, but when Zach got the ball there were three guys around."