David Kahn in his own words

The Cavaliers won the lottery, but in a way, so did the Timberwolves, by emerging with the second pick.

Even before the balls were drawn, the scuttlebutt was that the second pick would be the Timberwolves' dream -- high enough to get a real talent like Derrick Williams, but low enough to stay out of a very awkward situation for GM David Kahn.

While he has assembled some quality talent, he is widely known as the "Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn in the same lottery" GM, the guy who has hung his career on the Spanish point guard's ever-rumored arrival, the guy who has been the butt of all those "draft another point guard" jokes -- but has nonetheless had to go shopping for even more point guards like Ramon Sessions and Luke Ridnour.

Imagine if that guy ended up with the top overall pick in the Kyrie Irving draft? Draft Irving, yet another point guard, and you're an idiot for missing with all those other picks. Don't draft Irving, and you're an idiot for letting hubris keep you from the best available player.

So, after learning he got second, was Kahn in a jovial and joking mood, making a junior varsity attempt at a high-degree of difficulty joke involving -- of all things -- a widow and a teenager with a nerve disorder?

Or did Kahn emerge from that left-most seat in the front row on the lottery set dias (something of the NBA's dunce chair, reserved for the representative of the league's worst team) spitting pure crassness? You decide.