Shaquille O'Neal as Tight End

I'm telling you, I find this massive batch of articles trying to find an NFL angle in the NBA to be pretty weak. I mean, I like watching basketball. I like watching football. They don't have to somehow blend just because it's Super Bowl week. There doesn't have to be a Super Bowl angle to everything. (I mean, go to the grocery store! Practically everything there has a Super Bowl logo on it. I'm not sure when, exactly, it was too much, but I am certain that it was a long time ago now.)

With that caveat in mind, however, Michael Wilbon has some reasonably interesting insight into Shaquille O'Neal's football career that I had not heard before:

As a kid, Shaq had more than a mere flirtation with football. "I was a tight end in high school," he said. "No line play for me. No, no, no. Tight end. I would have been a tight end if I'd kept playing, too, because of my exceptional hands and foot speed. But my junior year -- of course, I was all-world -- some little scrawny dude hit me in the knee after I had scored. And that was it. Done. I thought, $2 million a year to play football or $80 to $100 million to play basketball? This is what we call a no-brainer."