Gilbert Arenas's Right Hand vs. DeShawn Stevenson

Word got around the DeShawn Stevenson was ducking Gilbert Arenas's challenge: Gilbert would shoot one-handed, from the college three-point line. DeShawn would shoot regular two-handed NBA threes.

DeShawn accepted today, and it was agreed that an amount equal to double the combined value of both Abbott family automobiles would be on the line. The deed has been done. Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog fame has the play-by-play:

Brendan Haywood and Antonio Daniels kept score. Caron Butler rebounded. Cal Booth was the voice of justice and fair play. Virtually everyone else on the team sat and watched.

Gil started out on fire, and finished up making 73 out of 100, with DeShawn attempting to distract him by spinning maniacally while dribbling a ball in the background. By the end, Gil was launching one-handed shots from out of bounds. "You think he's going to make 70 three-pointers?" he asked teammates, who questioned this strategy. "Get the [heck] out of here."

In any case, Gil was making em one-handed from out of bounds, too.

Then DeShawn set in. He made his first 13. It got quiet. He made 17 out of his first 18. "Damn, dawg," Gil said.