The Blazers Really Know How to Lose

That's a joke, really. What I mean is, they have lost three in a row, but each has managed to be pretty inspiring for a young club anyway.

Watch the highlights of last night's overtime loss to Nash-less Phoenix. Big three for Martell Webster. Another clutch score in the lane from Zach Randolph (who had 33 points on 15 shots). Ime Udoka with a big three. Zach with a key stop. Brandon Roy blocking the potential game winner. Even the play where Travis Outlaw blew the game-winning layup was a great play but for the miss. Couldn't ask for a better shot.

This comes on the heels of a two-point loss to the Chicago Bulls (on the second night of a back to back, featuring a late, unsuccessful Brandon Roy drive that will get him a foul call when he's an established star) and an exciting and not entirely unpromising overtime loss to Denver, which had some pretty great highlights itself.

If you believe the Blazers have two goals: to establish they are competitive, and to gain better lottery position, well, this week has been perfect. Me? I'd rather have the wins, but I'll take the inspiration where I can get it. Now they head out on the road for four games.