Erik Spoelstra's hoops roots

Kevin Arnovitz has written a tremendous must-read profile of the reclusive Heat coach. Here Erik Spoelstra describes his first practice:

"I don't even know what kind of offense I'm going to run and how to organize a team. I had balls flying all over the place. I had kids screaming and yelling in a different language. Everybody was out of control, running and bumping into each other. It was probably the most chaotic practice anyone has ever run anywhere."

He's not talking about the Heat last fall. He's talking about a club team, of 12-year-olds, Spoelstra coached years ago, as a side job while he was a player coach for the German team Westphalia.

The next few lines:

The kids eventually teach Spoelstra how to speak in German. Meanwhile, Spoelstra uses the season to appreciate that basketball is a lingua franca that can bind a Filipino-American kid from the Pacific Northwest to a bunch of Teutonic preteens in Herten, Germany.

Reports from players and coaches in the Heat organization suggest Spoelstra runs a considerably tighter practice these days.