Rod Thorn is Fanning the Flames

There has been all this talk about the Nets trading some of their big name players. I have shrugged them off as baseless hype. Just seemed incredibly unlikely. You just don't trade Jason Kidd, you know? Especially when your team looks terrible without him.

But I just listened to Chad Ford's podcast with Nets President Rod Thorn, and it gave me pause. Ford served up several opportunities for Rod Thorn to say something like "well, gosh, Chad, when you have a player like Jason Kidd you just don't trade him." But Rod Thorn surprised me by not saying anything like that. Instead he said stuff like "if the team has gone as far as it can go you have to look at going in a different direction," and Vince Carter's situation is "fluid."

He implied he didn't like the offers he had heard. I can't take this interview as anything but Thorn putting out word that he's open for business and fielding offers.

I also can't help but wonder about Jason Kidd's strained lower back. Might the Nets have something cooking? Teams sometimes pull players out of games before trades to prevent a last-minute injury that would mess up a player's trade value. I have no information here, but it's certainly curious.

Thorn also subtly made the point that the team really needs to be good in two years, when they will be attempting to take over hearts and minds in Brooklyn. Jason Kidd is not the right player for that job, most likely, especially as he's scheduled to be a free agent between now and then.

The other really wild question is: who could use Kidd? It might seem insane, but my first thought would be San Antonio. Much of their roster is scheduled to age out pretty soon. Kidd would give them two or three more serious shots at a title before they have to try to find Tim Duncan a whole new supporting cast. No idea what they'd have to give up for him, though.

It would be really fun to see Jason Kidd end up alongside LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.

One other fun note: Thorn, who picked Michael Jordan with the third pick in the 1984 draft, was asked who he would have picked if Chicago had had the first pick in that draft. He said hands down, he would have taken Hakeem Olajuwon.

UPDATE: Rod Thorn also just sent a letter to season ticket holders talking about the team, and he mentioned practically every player on the team except Vince Carter and Jason Kidd.