Now ready to be a role player: Allen Iverson

In an emotional must-read talk with Tzvi Twersky of SLAM, Allen Iverson says he would do whatever it takes to get back into the NBA, and if that doesn't work he'll play somewhere else. Some snippets:

  • On cornrows: "I had my cornrows; now you see police officers with cornrows. That used to be the look of the suspect [laughs]. Now you see everybody with them: boxers, football players, you know what I mean? So that part of it makes me feel good because I know I had to take a beating for other guys to be accepted the way they are."

  • On alleged money troubles: "It hurts that people say I went overseas to get the money. Like, nobody said that when I played for the Sixers for a million dollars. Nobody said that when I played for the Grizzlies for three million dollars. It’s just the fact that I went over there. No! I want to play basketball. What the hell am I going to do, sit home and try to get fat? I want to play."

  • On life outside the NBA: "It’s just hard knowing that I went through a whole NBA season and didn’t play when I know how much I can play. I’ll play for a team in any capacity just to get back out there doing what I love to do."

  • On whether or not he'll get an offer from an NBA team: "[Deep breath] I don’t know. We’re going to work hard at it, but like I said, if it doesn’t happen, I promise you I won’t sit home on my ass. I won’t do that. I’ll play for somebody."