Wednesday Bullets

  • (Harvard MBA and sports blogger...) Dan Shanoff: "Sports blogs are absolutely eclipsing traditional sports media (newspapers, magazines). Dominating. Eating their lunch. It's laughable, and if you discount the current state of blogs because the audience isn't as big as a newspaper or the writing isn't considered "professional," you're not seeing the tectonic shifts right now -- and the implications for the future." UPDATE: Shanoff also hands out baskteball blog awards.

  • LeBron James' paintball-themed Sprite commercial. Straight out of the crazy zone with little people, one really big tongue, and masked gunmen. Funny? Can't say I'm laughing.

  • Save Our Sonics & Storm e-mails: "Next Monday, 6pm the state legislature has scheduled what they expect to be the first and only open hearing on the Sonics arena. It is in Olympia, after a rush hour commute. The team has stated that it is absolutely the critical meeting to have attendance at. Of course the opposition managed to get it scheduled during a home game against Portland. We are still working out the details but wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible. SOS&S will be able to deliver lower bowl, if not suite tickets for an upcoming game to any member of this list, or their direct family/friends, whoever, who can commit to going. All who attend will be given a Save Our Sonics and Storm shirt to wear."

  • After spending the first half of the season begging for a roster spot from pretty much anyone, at the tail end of his second ten-day Clipper contract, Doug Christie mysteriously bails on the team and gets suspended. Joe Stevens reports his coach was shocked: "I'm surprised by it because I liked him," Dunleavy said. "I thought he worked hard, thought he was a good teammate, and I just didn't think he'd bail. That wasn't even a thought." I have to imagine we'll be learning more about this with time.

  • Sam Rubenstein on last night's Portland victory over Utah: "Deron Williams did not play because of a strained groin he acquired in the rookie-sophomore game on one of the thousand shots he jacked up to try and steal the MVP. He was walking fine when we saw him outside of the Palms hotel at 4:30 A.M. later that night though."

  • My bold prediction: Portland will have a .500 record or better post All-Star game. (And signs the team is getting more popular.)

  • Sixer fans are trying to convince each other it's worth watching.

  • Dave D'Alessandro on Lawrence Frank and Jason Kidd: "He'll never have a bigger ally in this business than the one he has in Kidd. They have the kind of relationship in which Frank can call him anytime, anywhere, even twice a week in the summer. He does that with many of his players, but a guy like Vince would find that suffocating, because he needs his space. Kidd puts up with it because he recognizes Frank as a genuinely nice guy who just wants to stay involved in his players' lives. That's not a crime -- in many ways, it's endearing -- but the vast majority of players nowadays just don't care for it."

  • Laker fans divided over whether or not Jason Kidd is worth Andrew Bynum. Forum Blue & Gold: "Fueled in part by three weeks of lackluster play, and the belief that the Lakers have a three- or four-year window with Kobe at his peak, there is a feeling among many that the Lakers need to build for right now. The future be damned, put Bynum in the deal because by the time he’s reaching his potential Kobe will be past his and the Lakers’ window will close without a title. We must win NOW! And Kidd is the means to that end. I get the frustration, but I don’t see it that way."

  • Ira Winderman quotes Antoine Walker on Shaquille O'Neal, who has been underperforming since returning from injury: "We want to run with or without him."

  • David Berri introduces PAWSPERM (don't ask) a system that tells us Amare Stoudemire was the most effective player in the All-Star game.

  • Chris Sheridan says the Cavaliers are interested in Jason Kidd too, and are offering anyone except LeBron James: "Kidd is warm to the idea of playing in Los Angeles alongside Kobe Bryant, but he's not enamored of the idea of playing alongside LeBron James ... even though the argument could be made, due to the tougher competition in the Western Conference, that the Cavs with Kidd would have a better chance of reaching the NBA Finals than the Lakers would with Kidd."

  • A fashion round-up of All-Star Weekend, complete with Dick Bavetta's bloody post-race knee. (via the Big Lead)

  • DeShawn Stevenson's motivation: LeToya Luckett formerly of Destiny's Child.

  • The Betting Fool: "The NBA's weekend in Vegas was like watching Britney Spears shave her head. It was scary and sad, a scene with no news value that left the viewer asking: 'Why did I bother with that?' Good question, why does anyone bother with the NBA's all-star nonsense? In the wake of a disgusting and worthless 'game,' in which there was almost no effort, we should hope for an end to all all-star games. But first, let's put the NBA's latest through a wood chipper. Before the main event, there was a 'skills' competitions, a 'Rookie Challenge' and no end to photo ops that hoped to paint the NBA as do-gooders and guardians of America's kids. Sorry, but $180 sneakers and the lust for overpriced jerseys are two of the things that make it tough for America's kids." (via Sports Frog)

  • Frank Deford says athletes can deal with gay teammates. It's the fans they have to worry about.