Dislocated Shoulder Recovery: 15 Games?

No one yet knows how long Dwyane Wade will be out with his reported dislocated shoulder. The Miami Herald's Michael Wallace says Wade is undergoing a second round of tests in Miami:

Results of the second round of tests are not yet known.

Wade sustained the injury when he attempted to steal the ball away from Rockets forward Shane Battier as Battier was driving to the basket. Wade immediately left the game and was taken to the locker room in a wheelchair. He was later treated at a Houston-area hospital.

The team flew on to Dallas after the game and will face the Mavericks tonight. Wade is expected to be out for some time with the injury. Heat guard Eddie Jones sustained a similar injury in 2001 and missed 15 games.

UPDATE: A suggestion from Memphis that Wade might be out for the rest of the season, which reportedly may have caused Miami to pull out of a James Posey for Chucky Atkins and Stromile Swift deal. The idea is that a deal like that would have been to bolster a title run this year, which Miami surely won't be going on if indeed Wade is out for the duration.