When LeBron James lets you down

Beckley Mason of HoopSpeak on the player who is about his age, and has defined recent basketball greatness:

I watch basketball for a variety of reasons, but at the core I’m an NBA fan because I like to be thrilled an entertained. Few if any player can provide either like LeBron James.

So if you rooted against him, fine, there are no rules for rooting. It’s an inherently subjective and irrational exercise: LeBron left his job and snapped at reporters, Jason Kidd punched his wife. Villian/hero whatever.

I didn’t need to like LeBron off the court because I appreciated his capability (a word LeBron is annoyingly fond of -- we get it, you can do anything, please do it) to be uniquely great.

He possesses a combination of physical ability and mental acuity that only a handful of players have ever approached. He’s set individual records and a new pace for career achievement. I expected excellence from him in the Finals not because I think he’s a great guy, or made the right decision about where to work, or respects the history of the game.

I expected him to kick ass against Dallas because since I started watching ball with a critical eye, he’s the best I’ve ever seen.

But LeBron James failed. He went limp before the submission hold was ever applied. I watched him give in, but to what I’m not sure.

Well worth reading the whole thing.